You can compare some major treamtments and check-up prices here and see which destinations are suitable for you.


We will be beside you utile the end of treatment and check-ups.

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Mehr Medical Services

Mehr Hospital, Medical Tourism Unit is a private Hospital established to assist you in exploring your global health care options. We orgnize patients with international standards in order to save them money and time to have reliable treatment.

  • Check-up Services.
  • Coordination of the admissions process (hospital stay and doctor’s fee).
  • Arranging Doctors.
  • Medical treatment
  • Making contact with patient (after the discharge) to know their condition and to fulfill their treatment (follow-up-days)
Медици́нский тури́зм

Медици́нский тури́зм — термин, обозначающий практику предоставления медицинских услуг за пределами страны проживания, совмещение отдыха за рубежом с получением

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Medical Tourism

Medical or health Tourism, a very old concept dating back to thousands of years, is where people who live in one country travel to another country to receive medical, dental and surgical care at a significant savings while at the same time receiving equal to or greater care than they would have in t

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گردشگری درمانی

بر اساس تعريف های سازمان جهانی جهانگردی يکی از اهدافی که می تواند گردشگر را برانگيزد تا عزم سفر کند، مسافرت برای کسب سلامتی است. چيزی که از آن به گردشگری سلامت تعبير می کنند . در حقيقت گردشگری س

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السياحة الصحية

سياحة الصحة والاستشفاء هي السفر إلى مدينة أخرى بغرض الحصول على خدمات طبية أو استشفائية وهي تنقسم إلى قسمين:
أ-سياحة الصحة (العلاج): يقصد بها السفر لتلقي عناية طبية في منشئآت متخصصة مع برامج س

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Our Doctors

Dr.nezafatiDr. M. Nezafati M.D.
Cardiovascular Surgeon
Adult and Pediatric Surgeon

Dr. Naeimi. 

ENT  Surgeon

dr. Ehsaei
Dr. Mohammad Reza Ehsaei M.D

Professor Of Neuro Surgery

Fellowship In Spine Surgery

DR.hosseini Dr.Hosseini. 
Orthopedic  Surgeon    

bahadorkhan Dr.Bahadorkhan. 
Neuro  Surgery    

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Mehr Hospital is a private hospital offering medical services for local and tourists in Mashhad, Iran...

by phone: +98 51 38427011-4
by fax: +98 51 38400468
by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 Medical Tourism in Iran has witnessed an enormous growth, and has opened a world of opportunities in infrastructure in the private and voluntary sector.

Leading the race in attracting medical tourists to Mehr Hospital Mashhad, the healthcare powerhouse of Iran. Traveling from all around the world, medical tourists seek essential healthcare services. Mehr Hospital renders superlative services in the lines of International Patient Care, and has therefore carved a niche in the Health and Medical Tourism sector.

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